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For many organisations, it is a real challenge to align employees’ performance and competencies with company objectives. What framework can you use to integrate this strategically?

The shifts in Performance Management

In many companies, classic evaluations have been under pressure for several years now. In order to be more responsive, the traditional annual or 6-monthly evaluation, the feedback and objectives discussions are increasingly making way for shorter, more regular performance and project objectives. The focus is shifting from the shortcomings of managers via the classic gap analysis, to their development and capitalising on their strengths.

But how does this evolution relate to your HR policy? Hudson ensures the strategic embedding of performance management and for its integration into all your other HR processes.

Competency management outpaced?

Has classic competency management been outpaced in a changing HR context? We are convinced that the essence will always remain relevant: what behaviour, which skills and what expertise are required for specific jobs, roles and responsibilities?

Furthermore, performance management will continue to be crucial within the context of a structural shortage on the labour market. Even in times of crisis and swift digital evolution, the war for talent remains tangibly pertinent and companies have every interest in accurately estimating the competencies and skills they need, both now and in the future.

Turning challenges into perspective

If we look at performance management closely, we can identify a number of challenges for both employers and employees.


For you as an employer it’s about:

  • estimating the required skills and competencies to achieve the ambitions of your organisation;
  • the re-skilling of your employees to ensure that the available skills are always in line with your organisational requirements;
  • the mobilisation and motivation of your employees to take on other roles or jobs.

We can also identify several significant challenges for your employees:

  • the awareness of their own employability, the value of their competencies and expertise in each phase of their career on the internal and external labour markets;
  • the awareness of the importance of lifelong learning;
  • the understanding that they themselves are the architect of their own career.

Hudson can support you in meeting these challenges. We design for your organisation a competency, expertise & skill framework and then translate that into expectations in the areas of jobs, roles and employees. Our experts help you to plan specific career paths within your organisation, which gives your employees perspective and stimulates internal mobility.

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