Careers at Hudson

Are you looking for a varied job with a committed employer and do you consider customer satisfaction of paramount importance? Then maybe your DNA matches ours!

It’s in our DNA

At Hudson, we are not looking for employees for positions X, Y or Z. We’d like to get to know you and then see if your DNA matches ours, regardless a specific position. If there is a match, it could be the start of a great story. And what’s the fuzz about that Hudson DNA?

Authentic Relationships

At Hudson, everything starts from content and relationships. Our employees enter into a relationship of trust with their clients and candidates, for whom they try to make a difference on a daily basis. We feel great in our role as HR opinion leader. We dare to take a position.  

House of quality

At Hudson you learn a trade. Our employees are characterized by a great eagerness to learn, which we make the most of through high-quality training courses. This drive for constant self-development also makes the entire organisation stronger. We immerse our employees in the certified Hudson methodology. At the same time we ensure professional growth, thanks to interesting client assignments and exciting internal projects. Our training programs are also always linked to networking events, so that colleagues can get to know each other better and exchange knowledge.

Value-driven entrepreneurs

When you start working at Hudson, you quickly realize that you can be yourself here. Our employees find themselves in an environment in which it’s fine to develop yourself, take on assignments and complete them based on our values.

Integrity, respect, cooperation, receiving and accepting responsibility and autonomy are important values at Hudson. They create the context in which our employees work with each other, their management and their clients. For our employees, working at Hudson is a passion. It doesn’t feel like a 9 to 5 job and focuses on that drive to make a difference for clients and candidates.

Realizing your potential

At Hudson we always strive for a win-win situation in which you can develop your potential. You find yourself in a relatively small organisation with many possibilities. You can make a career here by means of pathways aimed at substantive growth. No one-size-fits-all approach, but with attention for the individual. This way you can continuously learn, contribute and stay connected in different ways: as a colleague, as a client, as an ambassador and as a member of the Hudson community.

Looking after each other

Hudson looks after its people, but our colleagues also look after each other and have fun together.  A joint sports activity or team-building go hand in hand with the space for one on one and team meetings. We celebrate successes together, as well as birthdays or important events in the lives of our employees, who can organize themselves flexible within the private sphere. We’re building the new Hudson together, where well-being and sustainability are paramount.

"The warm contacts with colleagues and the trusted relationships with clients, that’s what connects us as Hudson colleagues."
Miek Smesman
Director Human Resources

Everyone looking in the same direction

You can work at Hudson in a wide variety of positions. However, all the different employees have one common goal: to help organisations maximise the potential of their people. From an HR Officer Onsite, who works at the client, a consultant, or an IT-specialist to the back-office staff who assist our clients and candidates - all our Hudson colleagues each contribute to that one goal in their own way.

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