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The market and your company are constantly changing. This continuous change, growth and development are crucial to be able to move flexible as an individual, group or organisation.

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Encouraging your employee to self-reflect and develop, is vital to your organisation's growth. But how do your employees evolve on their own without constant evaluation? Hudson uses specific coaching and development pathways to guide them through a developmental process in which awareness, change and movement take centre stage. They develop further, grow stronger and become more versatile. That is how not only your employees, but also your teams and organisation go onwards and upwards.

Development Centers

An assessment center evaluates skills, whereas a Development Center focuses on development and on employing potential more effectively. How do you train people to grow in the direction that best suits their talents and interests? How do you facilitate their growth? What skills do your people need for success in a changing business situation?

A Development Center identifies the participant's potential and looks at where his growth opportunities lie and how he can take advantage of those opportunities. All our coaches are certified and experienced in remote as well as face-to-face coaching. The exact pathway is decided with the input of the participant and in consultation with you. In this individual setting your employee takes the wheel, as it were, and is encouraged to take responsibility for his own career.

The Development Center’s findings are collated to produce a report and a Personal Development Plan (PDP). The PDP considers not just potential, but insights, strengths, danger areas, deraillers and distructions. Armed with his PDP and some tips and tricks, your employee has all he needs to start the next morning and he walks out the door with greater confidence.

Agility Labs

Being versatile, switching quickly, daring to make mistakes, being able to ditch perfection: these are vital skills for the modern employee. In a rapidly changing, uncertain, complex and vague world many organisations are trying to evolve towards a more agile way of working. Your employees’ agile mindset and skills are the main determiners of how long your company will keep the pace on this constantly changing playing field. Which team members make an impact when the hierarchy has gone? Who shows resilience when goals and circumstances change? And, despite all, who emerges on time with a minimum viable product?

Hudson's Agility Lab© focuses on identifying and developing your employees’ agile skills. It gives you insight into their growth potential in this area, as well as coaching and training suggestions. We look at how well a person functions in an agile environment and what attitudes he displays in the process.

In an Agility Lab© we simulate the contexts in which organisations operate and participants can learn and experiment with agile behaviour. We give participants incomplete business cases and uncertain information, which we change in real time through a variety of channels as the clock is ticking. For whom is agile working a second nature? Who’s 'good to go' after coaching, and who's not suited to the agile work environment?

Personal Coaching

A personal coaching pathway focuses narrowly on points of development in of your employees’ daily practices. A good fit is the basis for any effective pathway, that’s why we pay a lot of attention to finding the right match between coach and coachee.

Our experienced coaches guide participants in the acquisition or further development of professional skills such as leadership, people management, project management and change management. As well as in the definition and achievement of personal goals or stimulation of certain behavioural changes. This is only possible in a climate of safety, trust, engagement and transparency.

A coaching pathway normally takes 6 to 12 months. The coachee decides the approach, frequency and intensity of the sessions. Some participants ask the coach to revisit a specific situation from the past, others ask to help them prepare for significant future events. Others opt for shadowing, in which our coach attends and observes in the workplace. In every case the coach gives the participant the means to sharpen his skills, as well as insights to apply at work from the next day on.

During the whole coaching cycle the coach is always available to the employee even outside the planned moments. What if the coachee comes to a standstill? What if he is uncertain about applying a tip in reallife? What if he wants to share a moment of success? Our coaches are available to their coachees at all times. It takes just a phone call, an email or a whatsapp message to get your employee back on track.

Learning Centers

Teams must function properly to perform at their best. Unfortunately, a group of competent and experienced professionals won’t necessarily become a high performance team on its own. Personality clashes, inefficient work processes, competing objectives, differing expectations and poor communication can seriously disrupt or even destabilise the group dynamic.  

Learning Centers focus specifically on teamwork and lift the group and its individual participants to a higher level. Your team can rely on a mixture of theory, self-reflection, individual coaching points and group coaching under the guidance of certified and experienced coaches.

In a safe environment the participants get to experiment with behaviour. Our coaches observe the group dynamic and the behaviour of the team members. Who picks up which role? What are the communication styles? Does someone shuts down, or steps up and takes the lead? And does the team eventually deliver an output? The coaches share their observations and give constructive feedback during the Learning Center and after. In addition to this, the team members get to know each other better, which encourages mutual trust and engagement. Our Learning Centers always produce a Personal Development Plan for every employee.

Leadership Development

An organisation's success depends on the management capacities of its business leaders. They mark the spot on the horizon and guide your employees to the predefined goal. Al least as your employees feel inspired, challenged, noticed and listened to.

Hudson designs leadership pathways based on your organisations’ strategy, vision, culture and needs of your organisation. How do you define successful leadership behaviour in your company? On what challenges do you want your leaders to focus? Consider people management, change management or project management. Do you want to immerse them fully over a week, or would a year-long pathway with periodic and highly varied sessions be better for your business and your people?

Your leaders get to work on their personal development with a mix of classroom training, expert talks, individual coaching, intervision activities and practical cases in subgroups. They work on skills using a variety of frameworks, tools and techniques and translate the results into new behaviours through discussion, role play and peer coaching. This by using the prevailing international models and our own methods and tools.

Together we develop pathways that are spread over time, based on multimedia and predominantly active and experience-driven for maximum effect. To retain and constantly improve on the leadership skills learned, we ensure the further incorporation of permanent development in your organisation by setting up internal coaching, intervision sessions, feedback platforms, mentoring and intra-company projects.

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