Being made redundant is a drastic event but does not necessarily have to be disruptive. A tailor-made outplacement pathway helps you quickly pick up the thread of your career.

Involvement even after redundancy

Individual redundancy, collective redundancy, redundancy through restructuring, whatever the reason, being made redundant raises many questions and uncertainties. In some cases, your employer will offer you support in the form of an outplacement pathway. This gives you every opportunity to (re)orientate and find an appropriate new challenge.

Between sounding board and inspirer

Do you have to search for a new job? Then our experienced outplacement coaches can guide you in your search. These senior profiles combine business and coaching experience with a sound knowledge of the labour market and the latest trends. They are therefore well placed to give you an objective and validated insight into your talents and growth potential. 

Your coach acts as a counselor, helping you give your redundancy a place and making room for all your concerns, doubts and questions. However, they not only act as a sounding board, but also as an inspirer and motivator, stimulating you in defining and achieving your goals and ambitions.

The outplacement process

Outplacement pathways come in all shapes and sizes. Hudson always opts for a personal approach. Participants do not follow a standard programme. Our work is always driven by your specific profile and needs. Such guidance can consist of several steps.

1) Support and intake

If you have just been made redundant, you may be struggling with anger, shame and uncertainty about the future. Our coaches will then be there for you, taking the time to listen to your story and explaining what outplacement could involve for you. You will have the opportunity to express your expectations and needs. Only after your input, we draw up your personal outplacement program.

2) Self-reflection and development

Self-reflection is the starting point for every outplacement pathway. What valuable lessons can you learn from this exit? What gives you energy? What do you do well? In what kind of environment do your talents really accelerate? Your coach will help you discover your skills, values, motivators, ambitions and interests, and better understand how you can capitalize on them in the best possible way.

You can accelerate your development through our extensive learning platform, which offers on-line tools, exercises, webinars, online learning, etc. Hudson may also help you make the switch to freelance work, discuss the possibility of working as an interim manager or even introduce you to our extensive network of recruiters and head hunters.

3) Action plan and coaching

Together with your coach you will draw up an action plan with concrete guidelines. How can you best position yourself in a constantly changing labour market? Which companies do you want to approach, and which networks do you need to activate? We help you create a strong CV and LinkedIn profile, deploy digital channels, create a strong personal branding and prepare for job interviews and assessments. Every step you take, you evaluate together with your outplacement coach.

Kickstart your restart

What if you find a new job? Or win your first contract as a self-employed person? In that case, the coach assists you with the onboarding process. Through several follow-up sessions, the coach facilitates a successful start and helps you settle into your new role and environment. With your coach as a sparring partner during an initial familiarisation period, you will pick up the thread of your career with confidence.

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