Tool Customization

Sometimes, the available standard tools do not meet your organisation’s specific needs and requirements fully. In such cases, customising an existing tool, or developing a completely made-to-measure new one, can often provide a solution.

From customization to custom development

Some organisations use their own competency model or work in a very specific business context, using equally sector­­-specific jargon. Others may face very particular HR challenges that require a specifically adapted approach.

When our standard HR tools do not provide a definitive answer to your specific needs or requirements, you may wish to consider tool customization. Don’t be put off by the term: this can range from making minor adaptations to an existing tool in order to meet your requirements (customization), to developing a completely new tool according to your specific needs (custom development).

Think about the possibilities:

  • our tools in your own branding (colours, logos, etc.)
  • automatic reporting in your competencies
  • situational judgement tests featuring realistic situations in your organisation
  • emotional intelligence tests
  • cultural fit questionnaires
  • simulation exercises set in your specific context
  • e-tray exercises focusing on specific target groups
  • etc.

World-renowned R&D department

Hudson’s R&D team is renowned throughout Europe and beyond for continuously developing multilingual state-of-the-art and evidence-based HR tools that are always based on scientific principles and methods. Our expert team comprises a mix of (employment) psychologists, HR analysts and linguists, and it also includes IT specialists and data experts.

Our specialists are happy to provide their expertise, experience and software platforms and, in partnership with you, will search for the most suitable solution for your organisation. For example, you can engage them to carry out data analyses to identify the underlying reasons behind a retention problem, to evaluate and validate your own psychometric tools and test scenarios, to adapt our own HR tools or to develop a new, fully customized tool.

Hudson R&D can also support you with:

  • the full or partial digitization of your selection procedures;
  • technical procedures that require additional support;
  • the design and/or roll-out of bulk procedures, in which large numbers of candidates must be screened;
  • the management of large volume assignments;
  • etc.

Customization in co-creation

You know your own business processes best, have a clear vision of the needs of your organisation and understand its unique business culture like no-one else. For customized processes, Hudson always works directly in co-creation with you and your organisation. Since our R&D department is based entirely in Belgium, our experts are always close at hand and are sufficiently in touch with your daily reality. 

A process like this always kicks off with a consultation session involving your HR (and possibly also your IT) department, and during which the input from your business managers is also essential. This enables us to tap seamlessly into your company’s issues and main concerns when formulating solutions and allows us to capture your context, needs and specificities at all levels.

Such thorough preparation enables us to find the most suitable answer to your question together. Based on your ongoing input and feedback, we can adapt our tools to your needs or develop a completely new tool for you.

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