Assessment Tools

When you need to recruit a new employee or are considering several employees for an internal promotion, you first need to gain insight into their talents and growth potential and match these with the competencies that your organisation requires.

Objectivising decisions

Your employees are primarily responsible for your company’s performance. If you can successfully recognize and develop their competencies, results are sure to follow. Therefore, these sorts of decisions should not be based on gut feeling alone.

The high validity of our Assessment Tools will allow you to gain objective insights into the complexity of the human spirit and help you to make well-informed decisions. With wide-ranging applications that go far beyond the selection of candidates who are interested in a vacancy, our assessment tools also provide valuable input for internal mobility, coaching sessions and change programs.

Globally recognised tools

Our R&D department is renowned throughout Europe and beyond for continuously developing new state-of-the-art and evidence-based assessment tools that build on scientific principles and methods. Innovation is central to R&D’s work. Every tool maps out the competencies clearly and provides further insights, which when correctly combined give an accurate picture of your participant’s characteristics.

Hudson also continuously analyses its tools and refines them where necessary by adding extra functionalities to ensure that they are always up-to-date. You can therefore have complete faith that our tools will at all times meet the highest scientific quality standards in terms of:

  • Reliability: The tests provide reliable information, so that similar results are obtained when the tests are repeated in similar circumstances.
  • Validity: The tests measure exactly what they are designed to measure, which allows you to make predictions abouts how a person will behave in real-life situations and to extend these across people, situations and periods.
  • Diversity and adverse impact: People from majority or minority groups (according to gender, cultural background, age, etc.) are given equal opportunities.
  • Candidate experience: Completing tests is a positive experience for participants. Our tests are sufficiently user-friendly and have a visible link to the role or context.
  • Usability: The tools are multilingual and versatile (selection, development, re‑orientation, etc.), are applicable to several participant groups (managers, white‑collar workers, blue‑collars workers, salespeople or project managers) and offer clear and relevant insights in a professional context.
  • Adaptability: If the tools in our current portfolio do not sufficiently match your specific context or requirements, we can also discuss the possibility of customising one of our existing
  • Confidentiality: Assessment tools generate extremely personal and sensitive data. As a European company, we value the confidentiality and security of data and of course comply fully with the GDPR legislation.

Our Assessment Tools

Personality Tests

Predict professional behaviour.

Motivation Tests

Discover what drives performance.

Reasoning Tests

Simulate realistic work situations.

Abstract Reasoning Ability Tests

Evaluate general intellectual potential.

Numeric Reasoning Ability Tests

Evaluate ability to deal with numbers and figures.

Situational Judgement Tests

Evaluate ability to deal with verbal information.

e-Intray Tests

Electronic in-tray exercise.

Situational Judgement Tests

Evaluate ability to deal with day-to-day challenges.

Multi-rater Feedback (360°)

From the various parties with whom you work.

Assessment Platforms

Bringing our assessment tools to you.

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