When your company’s HR services are stretched to the limit, contracting provides temporary relief, and our competent HR Officers Onsite can quickly resuscitate your HR department.

Injection of HR expertise

Things like the sudden loss of an experienced payroll officer, an unfilled internal recruiter vacancy, an important transformation project or a lack of clarity over the HR budget can turn up the pressure on your HR department. To safeguard the department's efficiency and continuity, it is important to act quickly.

Contracting can give your business an injection of temporary HR expertise, allowing you to regain control of the situation quickly. With fresh eyes, all the experience needed and a thorough knowledge of HR, our HR Officers Onsite spring into action. They lead projects, assume advisory or expert roles and even take over ongoing work while your permanent team pours its energies into a change project. They soon restore that air of positivity to your organisation.

Multirole professionals

HR Officers Onsite are multirole HR professionals who are Hudson-trained and on the Hudson payroll. They are knowledgeable in various aspects of HR, such as recruitment & selection, compensation & benefits, talent management and payroll. And their skills in HR tools, assessment methods, social law and other hot HR topics are constantly refreshed. In other words, they are widely deployable and can take on a variety of roles and responsibilities in your organisation.

Instant start

When workloads increase for your employees, no one has time to spare. The whole point of bringing in temporary reinforcement is to create more time and breathing space. What sets our HR Officers Onsite apart is their high level of adaptability, their flexibility and their hands-on mentality. Their previous experience in all kinds of projects in different businesses allows them to begin more or less immediately and switch duties quickly. During the whole assignment they stay in touch with the Hudson coach, which implies that you have to guide them less.  

A complementary match

Depending on your organisation's needs we select an HR Officer of our team whose profile and skills best complement those of your own employees. For the sake of a real partnership, it is important for the HR Officer Onsite to integrate into your company and HR department smoothly. That is why we look at more than the curriculum vitae during the selection procedure and in addition you decide which profile suits your organisation and business culture best.

Flexibility is key

HR Officers Onsite are deployable flexibly. You might decide, for example, to take someone on a three month or on a full-time basis. But you might equally decide on a part-time reinforcement of 8 months. Though our professionals always begin on a clearly defined contract, the terms of that contract are changeable by mutual agreement. In all situations, Hudson HR Officers Onsite can fall back on their previous experience, contact their Hudson coach or speak to one of their Hudson colleagues to find the solutions to the challenges you face.

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