Our Organisation

Hudson is a full-service HR consultancy with almost 40 years’ experience and has grown to become the thought leader in HR.

Our Organisation

Hudson combines the knowledge, experience and availability of more than 250 HR experts with the strength of its own R&D team that develops innovative, scientifically-based HR tools. This unique combination means we are a valued partner in HR consultancy, talent management and specialist recruitment for both private and public sectors, from SMOs to multinationals.

Our history

Hudson Belgium was founded in 1982 by Ivan De Witte under the name De Witte & Morel and soon positioned itself as the partner of choice for organisations wishing to attract and develop the very best professionals in their fields. During the subsequent decades, Hudson grew to become the market leader with a reputation for delivering high quality HR services. Between 1995 and 2001, a structural partnership was entered into with Ernst & Young (EY). Between 2001 and 2018, Hudson Belgium was part of the NASDAQ-listed organisation Hudson Global.  In 2018, current chairman and CEO Ivan De Witte and his management team bought the Hudson Belgium branch back via a management buy-out (MBO). A year later, an acquisition was made in Luxembourg (Alcor Executive) and a branch was opened in Amsterdam. Since December 9th 2021 Hudson is part of the Randstad Group, global market leader in HR services. 

Our mission

We see it as our mission to support organisations on their growth trajectory by developing their employees. Beginning with our core values (integrity, respect, partnership, empowerment and responsibility), our HR experts utilise their expertise, entrepreneurship and drive for innovation to help with the recruitment, development, coaching and remuneration of their people. Every one of our employees is committed to helping you further every day. Further than today, further than tomorrow, further than you would expect.

Our services

With services and tools that cover the entire HR lifecycle, we want to strengthen your organisation: from the attraction, selection and recruitment of the right people and the development and shaping of their potential to the engagement, management and retention of the best employees. As one of our clients, you can rely fully on our experience in the field of scientific tools and methodology. Our in-house development process complies with scientific and quality standards.

Our R&D department

Our R&D department is composed of psychologists, economists, linguists, user interface specialists, web designers and IT developers. Comprising of more than 40 experts, this team works on the development and implementation of our HR tools on a daily basis. The R&D team has extensive experience in the creation of tools to analyse personality, reasoning ability, leadership and various other competencies objectively. They develop standard and custom assessments with a focus on evidence-based methodology, in order to guarantee our clients maximum validity.

Our network

Partnership is a cornerstone of the Hudson organisation. We work in partnership with various universities and business schools. Hudson is also a Prime Foundation Partner of the Vlerick Business School and is part of the Strategic Rewards & Strategic Talent Management research centres. These partnerships guarantee the quality and scientific validity of our services.

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