Career Guidance

In the constantly evolving market, you are required to be more versatile and deployable where needed most. In this dynamic world, career guidance can help prevent you lose sight of your career.

Focus on the future

Do you arrive home from work exhausted? Are you constantly on your toes at the office? Have you lost sight of your original ambitions? Or has your job lost its appeal? Would you like to develop your career, but don't know how? Everyone questions their career at some point in their life. You should take time to think about your career, and about how you would like it to develop. Honest and accurate answers to these questions can be found with the help of a professional and objective coach.

Building on trust

Career development is about more than climbing the career ladder and developing skills. It stimulates the development of the individual and sharpens the focus on personal goals. Hudson can help you sketch out your professional future, to see what job would suit you best. In order to help you find such a job, our experienced coaches will devise a step-by-step plan. We build on your self-knowledge and self-confidence, to help you make those career or even life-changing professional choices. 

Tailor-made career advice

Not only is every individual and situation unique, also our career pathways. For that reason we always begin with a full analysis of your current situation. With the sights set on future and growth, our coach encourages you to consider your growth potential and ambitions, as well as your functioning and well-being in the team and the organisation.

Then we put our tools to use to give you insight into your personality, motivators, stressors, skills and points for growth. In our in-depth interviews we discuss your career and professional history, and we try to gain a sense of any unvoiced ambitions or underlying frustrations. We give you the levers with which to get to know yourself better and take control of your own career.

Specific levers

These insights are put together in a specific and integrated personal development plan (PDP), which contains reflections and possible steps for action. In the process we explore your options inside and outside the company. It may be enough to shift the accents to help you flourish in your current role. Or you may need more autonomy and responsibility, or perhaps less. You may even flourish in another role, another team or another company.

Together we decide the action points to help get you started right away. How to prepare for your interview with your current manager? How best to communicate about the direction you want to take? What sort of training would you like to follow? How best to deal with stress, conflict or disappointment? How to write a good CV and what to expect at an interview? Is your employer funding your career advice? He may be involved in the intake and concluding interviews, at which you will agree specific steps for the future.

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