As a public organisation, you want a cooperation partner who can assess your needs as a public institution, but who also has a strong understanding of your unique organisational culture.

Your culture, our culture

Providing services such as recruitment and selection, assessment, talent development, internal mobility and training for a public institution requires a strong sense of the internal culture as well as the general principles around public procurement. As a service provider, Hudson pays particular attention to the specific rules that apply within the public sector, such as the principle of equality and the need to justify decisions in HR services. We understand and appreciate the constraints and parameters within which public institutions act on a daily basis, including the particular attention paid to the custodianship of public funds.

An eye for guiding principles

Hudson’s task is to assist public organisations in making the correct choices that are acceptable to all stakeholders. We are able to do this through our close attention to a series of general guiding principles.


Whether it is designing an overarching process or delivering an assessment centre,  Hudson managers and consultants are trained and certified to design and deliver our interventions with full objectivity. Our scientifically developed and validated tools clearly add to the values of equality and neutrality.

Quality guarantee

We guarantee services of the highest quality, from designing and implementing an entire programme all the way to delivering a single feedback session. The same rigorous focus on quality also applies to giving advice on procedural aspects and legal issues.

Duty to justify decisions

We are ready to stand behind the advice we give whatever the service we provide. For example, we can explain in detail why someone may or may not be suitable for taking up a position at a certain level. Our reports are clear and unambiguous.

Principle of equality

Equality of opportunity runs through everything we do and deliver - and never more so than in recruitment, selection and promotion procedures. All candidates are given an equal chance to show what they can do and all are treated in the same respectful and considerate way, within a rigorous application of the prevailing regulations.


Our work and advice around diversity issues ranges from assessing candidates in different languages to ensuring uniformity and consistency between multiple procedures. Our assessors are trained to eliminate any bias when assessing competencies. Furthermore, we adjust our processes when needed to take into account the specific needs of candidates, such as those with physical disabilities.


Hudson is committed to the sustainability of our environment and the wellbeing of everyone in our society. We have been awarded the Ecovadis CSR Gold Label in recognition of our efforts.

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