Public sector organisations, both international and domestic, require a clear process when outsourcing HR support. It is important to balance consultancy around recruitment and development with prevailing internal regulations.

The process - and our expertise - determines success

As a public sector organisation or institution, you may want to outsource all or part of a specific process. Hudson is ready to offer a full, end-to-end solution, but we can also look after individual elements, such as aptitude tests, psychometric assessments  and panel interviews. Our focus on the competencies you are looking for - whether for assessment or development - ensures our signature objectivity.

As an example, we might support you in a Leadership Development Programme. On the one hand, we can help with the design of the programme through project management and setting up and running the appropriate working groups. On the other, we can provide the development interventions themselves: multi-rater feedback, Development Centres, individual and group coaching and targeted training.

And, of course, our work can be done as external consultants, or we can offer you  experienced interim managers and HR professionals to work with you on site on a secondment basis. These managers have the skills, knowledge and expertise - and of course the tools - to help you in any HR process for which you need ongoing support.

Whether as external consultants or seconded managers, all Hudson experts have a deep understanding of the public sector environment - both at domestic and international level - and are able to grasp quickly your own internal culture. They are highly-adaptable experts, ready to work hard and intensively to help your organisation deliver on its challenges.

Advice for the public sector

As a service provider, we not only fully implement the process, we also provide advice on how you can shape it. We help you to optimise procedures, taking firmly into account rules and regulations, equal opportunities and budgeting guidelines and efficiency. Within such parameters, we agree together a plan of action covering several elements:


Finding the right balance between technical expertise and broader competencies; setting up interview panels and drawing up guidelines, documentation and methodology for panel members; helping you produce reports on the process.


Giving advice on equal opportunities for candidates; helping with issues of diversity and inclusion; assessing candidates in a range of languages; ensuring fairness, equality and consistency between multiple interventions.

Assistance in legal matters and litigation

Eliminating or minimising disputes by helping you to defend your processes and interventions, such as assessment centres and panel interviews; ensuring your internal assessors and interviewers have the necessary expertise to deliver consistency and fairness over multiple procedures

Candidate experience

Maximising the candidate experience by focusing on their satisfaction at each stage of the recruitment or development process


Logistics advice on developing schedules for candidates and assessors on an ad hoc basis or configuring the layout of assessment rooms to ensure maximum efficiency.

Helping you develop the overall schedule of a recruitment process; giving advice on the design of an assessment centre - from structuring the main elements right down to the detail, such as room setup and individual exercises.

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