Interim Management

As an interim manager, you temporarily put your knowledge and experience at the service of a company that wants to make up for a shortage of internal expertise or resources in the short term.


Every organisation will at some point face challenges for which the internal knowledge and/or resources appear to be lacking. As a high-level interim manager, you can temporarily increase their management capabilities in the short term to deal with a number of business-critical bottlenecks or to bridge a transition period.

You will take on the challenge of attracting an important project, managing a transformation or reorganisation, replacing a manager who has suddenly disappeared, filling an open vacancy on a temporary basis or meeting other operational needs for a clearly defined period of time. You will swing into action at exactly the right time and bring with you those skills that the company needs.

At the helm of your career

Hudson places interim managers with many interesting clients on a wide range of projects. In order to get a good understanding of your ambitions, our collaboration always starts with an intake interview and a short online assessment. We will review your options as an interim manager and discuss how you would like to take control of your career.

Hudson bases itself not only on your CV, but also on your competencies, affinities and drive. We look at which types of environment you prefer, in which assignments you can offer added value as an interim manager, and whether they can add value to your career.  For Hudson, interim managers are partners with whom we want to grow together.

A word is a word

A second intake interview with the client follows the moment a specific assignment arises and all parties see a potential match between client and interim manager. After a positive discussion, the collaboration can start.

For Hudson, a word is a word. We reach clear agreements regarding content and practical matters such as the duration or your working regime and weekly availability. An interim management assignment has an average duration of six to seven months. We are committed to working together to bring the assignment to a favourable conclusion within that time and to make the collaboration a successful experience for all parties involved.

Everything starts with quality and trust

Of course we will not send you out onto the ice unprepared. Together we will delve into the content of the assignment, discuss your plan of action for the first weeks and agree clear KPIs. Throughout the entire assignment, we will work together in good faith on the basis of a continuous open dialogue and remain available at all times.

Do what you say and say what you do

In other words, Hudson does not disappear from the picture once you have started as an interim manager. You take responsibility for the mission you undertake, but we keep in touch with you and your client. Where necessary, we will support the collaboration in word and deed and reflect on the business challenges together with you. Transparency, in the broadest sense of the word, is at the heart of the whole process.

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