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The recruitment of top executives is key for any company. After all, these C-level executives have the job of taking your business to another level.

Top Executives accelerate growth

At the helm of your company stands the CEO, the board members and the managers. They head up crucial missions and pilot your organisation through treacherous waters. Whether to stimulate sustainable growth, manage an unforeseen crisis, complete a massive takeover or devise a transformation strategy, these top executives plot the course your business will sail.

At this level, attracting the wrong profile in a key role can be catastrophic. But the opposite is also true. With a good strong executive in place, growth is often faster, more focused and more efficient.

Unique leaders for unique organisations

All companies are unique and in search of equally unique C-level profiles. To start that search on the right foot, we like to examine the business context. Is the family business losing its pater familias? Was the company recently taken over?

Our consultants like to assess your expectations of the specific profile. Is it necessary to preserve a particular type of knowledge or experience? Does this profile have to be quite so similar to the last one? Does the role still fit in the same context, and how is it likely to evolve? These questions improve the relevance and scope of our search, which allows us to be critical in the selection phase.

Joining up the dots

Here at Hudson, the search for top executives always starts with our extensive network of C-level executives and the powerful database we have built up over the years. That, combined with smart direct search techniques, which we employ with absolute discretion.

The whole point of an executive search is to find profiles with vision, knowledge and personality, and for that reason we do more than check the references and the analytical, organisational and interpersonal skills of the most interesting profiles. We also take a close look at their motivation, leadership style and versatility.

We insist on a transparent and effective executive assessment of the top executive profile, to gauge the true value of the final participant. That assessment is executed by senior consultants with experience at the highest level. Trained to recognise the characteristics of an experienced leader, they can determine whether or not those leadership characteristics will come to the fore in your organisation.

Our specialists also like to give appropriate executive reward advice, based on accurate competition and market data for C-level profiles in Belgium.

The power of osmosis

When identifying strong executives we consider not only the perfect match with your business needs, but the candidates who will blend into your organisation. Experience has taught us that this ‘osmotic ability’ is of untold value when it comes to integrating a leading figure, and it has a direct impact on business successes.

But a strong C-level profile should also feel able to criticise strategic decisions if needed. This fine balance is the key to your company's opportunities for growth and progress. It’s a balancing act that we gladly undertake, with our knowledge of the local market and our well-researched and well-founded resources, on which you the entrepreneur can always rely.

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