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Ten tips to get the best from outplacement

Life can turn upside down when you are made redundant. With outplacement you are guided to a new role by an external advisor or job coach. The 10 tips below help you get more from your outplacement pathway.

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What does outplacement cost?

What if I am made redundant? A question that affects employees, and employers too. In some cases, including collective redundancy, outplacement can point the way forward. But what does outplacement coaching actually cost?

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Good employers stay engaged, even through redundancy.

The economic impact of the coronavirus crisis is filtering through to Belgian employers. There is no avoiding it: there will a restructuring of organisations. In early May a Hudson Survey asked 149 Belgian organisations how they would deal with redundancies. The survey revealed that some 80% of respondents were considering offering outplacement (voluntary or otherwise).

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Fired... what now? Outplacement!

Collective redundancy, individual redundancy, redundancy through restructuring… When an employee is made redundant a period of uncertainty always sets in. What now? Outplacement (the process by which an outplacement agency delivers career coaching) helps employees get their careers up and running again quickly.

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Traction for virtual teams

Virtual collaboration is now the rule, rather than the exception. To give virtual teams the traction they need, transparent communication and structured feedback are a vital.

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