Career Development

No organisation wants to see its valued employees become demotivated, drop out or leave. For that reason, internal career development should be incorporated as a strategic element in any good absenteeism and retention policy.

Talent as a driver

Skilled and engaged employees have an enormous impact on the attainment of your business objectives. You have selected the best profiles for your company. But how do you get the best from your employees? Day in, day out? How do you prevent talent from draining to a competitor, and how do you keep your people happy at work?

Career development may be the answer. It will help your organisation to expand the internal talent pool and on-board more expertise. Your employees will have the chance to develop, acquire new skills, get more job satisfaction and continue to grow and stay motivated.

Seedbed for sustainable growth

Hudson sees career development as more than merely identifying, developing and optimising the talent in your organisation. Paying adequate attention to your employees’ well-being and personal goals is an equally important precondition for sustainable growth and cooperation.

Our experienced consultants help you develop a strategic retention policy, set up talent management programmes, map out coaching & development pathways and find solutions to promote internal mobility. We also offer individual career guidance.

The power of career guidance

Does a person appear to have come to a standstill in their development, or conversely, to be constantly on their toes? What might be the reason? Perhaps a minor shift in accents in their role is enough to bring an employee to fruition. These signals really shouldn't be ignored if you want to keep valuable employees on board. As neutral and independent experts, our career coaches are an external sounding board for you and your employees.  

With the sights set on future and growth, our coach encourages both parties to consider the growth potential and ambitions of the individual alongside the functioning and well-being of the team and the organisation. Then we employ our tools to identify their personality, motivators, skills and competences.

In our in-depth coaching interviews we discuss the coachee's career and professional history, and we try to gain a sense of any unvoiced ambitions or underlying frustrations. We give your employee levers with which they can control of their own career, and start exploring the internal opportunities.

From self-reflection to action

These insights are put together in a specific and integrated personal development plan (PDP). We use this to inform and inspire both parties about potential next steps. Career development is about more than moving up the career ladder and developing skills. Career development and coaching stimulates the development of the individual and sharpen the focus on personal goals. 

It may be the case that a particular employee needs more autonomy and responsibility, or simply less. He may flourish better in another role or another team. Our coaches can continue to work with employees on an individual basis, on subjects such as career orientation and ownership, (self) leadership and stress management. Or they can suggest further coaching & development pathways to develop hard and soft skills.

Invest in the future

More able, versatile and widely deployable employees can really push your organisation forward in a constantly changing market. In other words, organisations that invest actively in employee career development are actually investing in the company's future.

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