Is your business facing redundancies? A customised outplacement track can help your employees resume their careers.

A bright new start

Individual redundancy, collective redundancy, redundancy through restructuring, etc. Whatever their reason, redundancies take a toll on all concerned parties. As an employer you can offer support in the form of an outplacement pathway. This gives the redundant employee every opportunity to (re)orientate and find an appropriate new challenge.

Outplacement is required by law if:

  • an employee is entitled to at least 30 weeks’ notice or
  • he is over 45 and has at least 1 year's long service.

Both cases are subject to employment under a permanent contract.

Outplacement gives a strong signal

Mandatory or not, outplacement is good for the redundant worker and good for your organisation. It gives an employee the room to process their redundancy, gain new insights and skills and find a new role.

It is of equal benefit to the employer when an outplacement pathway is offered. It reflects well on the business culture and strengthens your employer brand. Your considerate handling of redundant employees shows that your organisation prefers the human approach, from onboarding to exit. You let it be seen that you take a healthy view of career management.


From analysis to feedback

Outplacement pathways come in all shapes and sizes. At Hudson, we like tailor-made solutions and the personal approach. For that reason, our participants don't follow a standard programme, but take very specific action under the guidance of a senior outplacement coach. This coach combines business and coaching experience with a sound knowledge of the labour market and the latest trends. On the outplacement pathway our coaches give the redundant worker more than an objective and validated understanding of his talents and growth potential. They offer emotional support and allow space for concerns, doubts and fundamental questions.

When looking to the future the coach gives feedback, inspires and motivates the participants, helping them to define their ambitions and set goals. By giving employees insight into their situation, suggesting an action plan and providing individual coaching, we guide them along the path to a new job.

Participants can accelerate their development through our extensive learning platform, which offers online tools, exercises, webinars, online learning, etc. Hudson may also help them make the switch to freelance work, discuss the possibility of working as an interim manager or even introduce them to our extensive network of recruiters and head hunters.


The outplacement process

Hudson creates a tailor-made outplacement pathway for every participant, based on specific needs.

Support and intake

Our coaches can be in attendance when news of the redundancy is given and so provide immediate support. We run through a detailed intake process with the employee and then outline a personal outplacement programme.

Self-reflection and development

Self-reflection is the starting point for every outplacement pathway. The redundant employee reviews his talents, ambitions, motivators and interests. The coach helps him draw valuable lessons from this exit, before helping him brush up on his knowledge and skills.

Action plan and coaching

The participant writes up an action plan with the coach's help. Together they look at the best way to position his profile on the labour market, the networks available networks and the companies he would like to approach.


What if the participant finds a new job? In that case, the coach assists him with the onboarding process. Through follow-up sessions the coach helps him take to adapt to his new role.

Outplacement through Hudson

Personal coaching

Our approach is personal, and our coachees receive maximum attention.

HR support

We combine the expertise of our other departments: recruitment and selection, salary advice and interim management.


We tailor our approach and programmes to suit the wishes of the company and coachee.


We are transparent and forthright in our feedback, communication, approach and pricing.

Qualitative tools

We use tools and technologies that have been developed, tested and validated by our own R&D department.

Consulting service

We give advice and training on the restructuring of teams, change management, redundancy interviews, etc.

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