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When an organisation works on an HR strategy it faces a number of difficult challenges. These include alignment with the business strategy, resource availability scanning, the structure, the schedule and the impact on the stakeholders.

Custom service as a lever

When your organisation invests in an HR strategy in support of your strategic objectives, the key success element is custom service. This is because every company has a unique DNA and faces unique challenges. Our consultants tailor their approach to these aspects. For example, they can guide companies successfully through the transition from 'product' organisation to 'sales' organisation. They can devise a new HR organisation in the context of growth and/or internationalization, or, in the context of a takeover, in which the HR strategy is the lever for a new organisation culture. These are just a few examples of how every project needs, and in fact deserves, custom service.

Consistency at the core

Once you, the client, embark on a strategic trajectory, you will sense the need for practical solutions. Innovative if needed, but, more importantly, efficient. It goes without saying that our advisers examine the business strategy and ‘AS IS’ situation to reach consensus over the definition of a new HR vision. We base our work on a strong methodological framework, on academic research and on business cases. Our consultants use their expertise and practical experience to make a difference in a variety of HR domains, translating strategic concepts to workable actions with fluency.
Thus, for example, an overall HR strategy will produce a specific remuneration strategy which is in full alignment with the global strategy. Or equally, a talent management strategy will support innovation and enterprise, while the right recruitment policy will provide complementary expertise and internal mobility.
In the end, the HR strategy project will produce a written HR strategy, a detailed implementation plan for every HR domain, an investment plan and a set of KPIs to measure business success.

Savoir Faire Savoir Vivre

Our advisers use the Hudson methodology and their years of experience to define your HR strategy. But you always stay firmly at the wheel. Hudson coordinates, consults, mediates, advises and works with you to reach consensus and support on the ground. Our experience tells us when your organisation should push through, and when it might be better to slow things down.

People Strategy Roadmap©

One of the most important tools we deploy for our clients is the People Strategy Roadmap©, which we developed with our partner Vlerick. This framework lets you see which HR processes should be prioritised for the greatest possible impact on your organisation’s strategic success. This exercise is always in line with your organisation's DNA, the resources available and the HR structure you envisage for the future. We combine this tool with a keenly developed sense of trade-offs, timing & spanning controls and a good management of conflicts of interests, which often plague HR strategy projects.

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