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A dynamic HR policy is indispensable in a sector that is constantly searching for new technological and sustainable solutions.

Due to its’ constant search for new technological and sustainable solutions, the construction industry   relentlessly pushes its’ boundaries. This is partially because of an increasing awareness of consumer health & safety, but also due to the ever-changing legislation which must be taken into account.  Moreover, the complexity of the companies in the construction sector, which in many cases are active in both B2B and B2C, cannot be underestimated.

Consumer & Retail

Having motivated employees in the right place is crucial in this rapidly changing industry where the demanding consumer leads the way.

The growing consumer awareness and the succes of online shopping have thoroughly redesigned the consumer & retail sector. The increasingly better informed and price-conscious consumer continues to push the boundaries and expectations. Having motivated employees in the right place is therefore indispensable in order to survive in this rapidly changing environment. Moreover, these employees are the first brand ambassadors of your brand in the market. A market where even the most established player must constantly reinvent itself .

Energy & Utilities

In this sector, characterized by innovation and change, the importance of a strong HR policy has never been this high.

The Energy & Utilities sector is an important foundation of our global economy. The shift to new forms of energy and the deregulation of the energy market are forcing this sector to innovate. Players are forced to develop a distinct offering for their B2C and B2B customers, promote synergies between departments and invest heavily in innovation and breakthrough technologies. To overcome all these challenges, the adaptability and innovation capacity of talented employees is crucial. The importance of a strong HR policy has never been greater in this sector.

Financial Services

Within this sector, the most recent trends are also the biggest challenges for the future, also in the field of HR.

The financial sector is one of the bases of our society and includes a multitude of companies, each of them indispensable in our daily life. The sector is facing important new challenges, such as the continuous optimization of the customer experience, the increased importance of FinTech companies, the integration of increasingly strict safety regulations and of course the digitization of their services. In the field of HR, the effective reduction of the number of agencies, the emergence of new functions (data management, risk management, etc.) and the shift to more agile organisational forms are high on the agenda.

Government & Public Services

In a sector where the people are the center-stage, transparent procedures and regulations are also indispensable when designing and setting up HR processes.

Public administration and the public sector are undoubtedly the basis of our society. This sector is committed to improving the quality of life of the residents of municipalities, cities, provinces, countries or even the European Union, but is at the same time also daily confronted with rapidly changing environmental factors. This sector also puts people first in the field of recruitment and selection and is therefore strongly committed to diversity and equality. Of course, this requires transparent procedures and regulations, which are also indispensable when designing and setting up HR processes for this sector.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

More than ever, this sector needs specific profiles that provide added value and dare to implement innovative ideas.

The healthcare sector and pharmaceutical industry have resulted in many positive evolutions in recent decades, such as higher life expectancy, a better quality of life, medical breakthroughs, etc. This sector never stands still, but is constantly confronted with new challenges. Just think of the aging population, globalization and pandemics, but also the digital transformation, and so on. More than ever, there is a need for specific profiles that can answer these challenges, provide added value and dare to implement innovative ideas.

ICT & Media

A sector that is driven forward by constant renewal and innovation also faces significant challenges in the field of HR.

In a sector that is driven forward by constant renewal and innovation, an organization cannot survive long without digital talents with the most up-to-date skills and knowledge. Players in this sector, therefore do everything within their power  to follow the rhythm of technological evolutions and disruptions on a global level and sometimes even to determine it. Naturally, this requires much more than a thorough knowledge of programming languages, hardware, software and data management. It also assumes a specific mindset of which agility, innovation and progress are the main characteristics. This multitude of changes also translates into a multitude of challenges in the field of HR.

Industry & Manufacturing

Much is at stake in this sector in terms of HR. Hudson assists these decision makers on a daily basis to formulate answers to their challenges.

Industry is an important foundation of our local, national and global economy. Technological progress and the continuous pressure to innovate often result in impressive achievements. However, global competition, lowering production costs and increasingly strict environmental legislation are also major challenges in this sector. There is also a lot at stake in the field of HR: focusing on employer branding in times when technical professions are not always valued, attracting talented profiles, implementing salary increases, investing in further training and retraining, etc. Hudson is the decision-makers in this sector daily to formulate answers to these challenges.

Legal & Professional Services

From attracting talent to retaining and developing them, HR also has a busy schedule in this sector for the coming years.

The legal and professional services sector is very broad: from law firms and large consulting groups to event agencies, social secretariats and training institutions. The wide variety of activities is reflected in the HR challenges these organizations face. However, they also have similar trends to some extent, such as increased competition, increasingly higher security and compliance regulations, partial digitization of their services or a shortage of talent in a growing number of niches. From attracting to retaining and developing talent, HR will also have a busy agenda in this sector the coming years.

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