Financial Services

Financial Services

Within this sector, the most recent trends are also the biggest challenges for the future, also in the field of HR.

The financial sector is one of the bases of our society and includes a multitude of companies, each of them indispensable in our daily life. The sector is facing important new challenges, such as the continuous optimization of the customer experience, the increased importance of FinTech companies, the integration of increasingly strict safety regulations and of course the digitization of their services. In the field of HR, the effective reduction of the number of agencies, the emergence of new functions (data management, risk management, etc.) and the shift to more agile organisational forms are high on the agenda.

AG has a rich background in insurance. This multichannel insurer offers a full range of insurance products.

Belfius, a Belgian banking and insurance group, offers tailor-made services for its customers.

Ethias, founded in 1919, is an insurance company for public authorities, corporates and private individuals.

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