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Hudson’s service delivery in the national and international public sector is founded on a deep understanding of the relevant procedures and regulations. But it goes much further than that.

Recruitment with purpose

For a decisive authority that deploys its resources in the most efficient way, it is important to recruit the right experts in the right place. Our extensive experience with public contracts at local, Flemish, federal, European and global level has taught us that each contract has its own specific context and its own needs. Familiarity with the procedures and regulations in force is therefore a matter of respect for the mission and principles of our public sector.

Respect for procedures and regulations

Hudson’s long and extensive experience with providing services in the public sector - at local, regional, national and international levels - helps us to understand specific contexts and needs. Our deep familiarity with the relevant and prevailing procedures and regulations, combined with our respect and admiration for the mission and principles of the public sector, have been defining features of our identity since the beginning - more than 25 years ago.

We start from a thorough knowledge of the applicable regulations - whether this concerns the legal status regulations of local authorities, regional staff regulations or the European Directive on the recruitment of personnel. At every level, we respect sensitivities while upholding general principles.

Public authorities in Belgium

In Belgium, as a local or regional authority (Flanders, Brussels or Wallonia), you can call on the know-how of our experts. Over the years, Hudson has built up experience within different types of authorities.

Local authorities

The local level breaks down into our knowledge of cities and municipalities as well as provinces and regional partnerships. An example of this is the North Sea Port (cooperation between the seaports of Ghent, Terneuzen and Vlissingen). In addition, Hudson works with the Province of East Flanders, cities such as Leuven and Ghent, the Ghent urban development company SoGent and municipalities such as Wetteren and Sint-Katelijne-Waver.

Regional authorities

At regional level, our services are available to institutions of all types, from agencies to public enterprises. In Flanders, for example, we have a close connection with the Flemish government through assignments for the Flemish Parliament and for various agencies. Our client list includes the Agentschap Binnenlands Bestuur, the Agentschap voor Overheidspersoneel, the Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid, De Vlaamse Waterweg and Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT). Within the Brussels-Capital Region, clients include institutions such as Social Housing Brussels, Iristeam and Innoviris, while in Wallonia we work for the Office de la Naissance et de l’Enfance and for Etnic.

Semi-public organisations

A specific level of governance in Belgium - the semi-public institutions - enjoy a considerable degree of independence from government. Our expertise extends to clients such as bpost, VRT, LANTIS, intermunicipal drinking water companies such as Pidpa and FARYS, organisations focusing on mobility such as HR Rail, NMBS, YPTO, educational institutions such as Ghent University, HoGent, VVOB (Education for Development), Educational Association for Cities and Municipalities (OVSG) and Centres for General Welfare such as CAW East Flanders.

National authorities

We have also built up specific expertise at national level through, for example, the Commission for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas (CREG) and the Federal Police. In addition to our concern for procedural requirements that are specific to the public sector, respect for language legislation is one of the most important elements in representing the interests of our national clients.

Building strong international leadership

The issues facing the public sector can give rise to very specific HR challenges at an international level. Hudson has long experience and deep expertise when it comes to working with the European Institutions and Agencies as well as global organisations.

European institutions

The European Union and its institutions are currently facing a series of unprecedented strategic challenges in the areas of migration, security, public health and democracy. These challenges have arisen in a broader context of globalisation, the continuing effects of cyclical fluctuations and the geopolitical environment. At the same time, institutions are facing internal challenges such as the increasing speed of technological change, higher workloads, increased pressure and budget restrictions that require them to do more with fewer resources or to adopt a different approach. With this context in mind, we use our expertise to help build strong leadership and exceptional competencies. We do this for European institutions such as the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament and EPSO. In addition, the decentralised Agencies such as Frontex, Cedefop, EFCA, EMA, Europol, ESMA, ETF, CEPOL, ENISA, ERA, F4E, amongst others, also use Hudson’s expertise and services.

Global organisations

The need to recruit and develop strong leaders and critical competencies is equally important for global organisations. Hudson has built up many years of experience at this level, particularly in areas of change management and assessment for recruitment of senior managers.

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