Leadership Development

Realising ambitions, pushing boundaries, guiding teams... The job description of a leader is challenging. How well someone handles this pressure can be a decisive factor for the success of your organisation. Leadership Development helps leaders become the best version of themselves they can be and optimally support their team.</

Follow the leader

When an organisation sets goals, it places a dot on the horizon. A competent leader guides the team towards the goal. And it takes employees who feel inspired, challenged, seen and heard for the goal to be reached. If this is not the case, the process will quickly stagnate. Luckily, anyone can be a good leader as long as they receive proper guidance. From high potential to expert: anyone can contribute to vision, action, impact, drive and connection. The potential leader may already possess certain skills, we are happy to help actualise the others. In leadership development, we stimulate professionals to take responsibility of their own growth curve.

In a leadership track, we depart from five principles:

1. Leadership, vision and company culture go hand in hand.
2. Anyone can be a leader.
3. Personal responsibility for your own growth.
4. Learning by doing (continuously).
5. Anchor permanent development in the organisation.

Leadership track on track

Do you, as an organisation, want to improve and stimulate the leadership behaviour of your employees? A leadership track is the key to success. This track starts with a sound understanding of both vision and culture. How do these concepts define successful leadership and what challenges do you want your leaders to collaborate on? This may be anything from people management or change management to project management. Of course, we will discuss your desired intensity in advance. You may want to completely immerse your leaders for two weeks or perhaps a monthly session is a better match for your company and people?

Leaders will work on their personal development areas in a mix of classroom training, expert talks, individual coaching, intervision and practice cases in subgroups. They will work on their skills with various frameworks, tools and techniques and translate it to new behaviour via discussion moments, role play and peer coaching. We use conventional international models as well as the Hudson methodology and instruments.

Fall, get up, repeat

Learning new behaviour is more complex than gaining a new field of expertise. Learning only works when someone applies new insights continuously, makes mistakes, learns from them and thus improves on a continuous basis. This requires the opportunity to practice and experiment. We would like participants in this track to adopt the following motto: Fall, get up, rinse, repeat until the behaviours are a part of your natural leadership style.

It doesn’t stop with Leadership Development

Learned skills must be deployed continuously in order to keep them active and keep improving. That is why we facilitate the anchoring of permanent development at your organisation by setting up internal coaching, intervision, feedback platforms, mentoring and intra-company projects.

With the help of such permanent guidance, your leaders will stay in control of their development after the leadership track has been completed. By making leaders decision-makers about their own development, they become owners of their continued growth journey in the context of lifelong learning.

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