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A group of intelligent and experienced professionals does not necessarily make for a high-performing team. Smooth cooperation within a team is not a given and coaching can help avoid a lot of obstacles. A focus on individual and collective growth via Learning Centers will help your team maximise its performance.

From frustration to team performance

Executive teams, project teams, multidisciplinary teams, crisis teams... Many teams struggle with colliding personalities and troublesome communication, resulting in inefficient working methods.

Collaboration in a team is forged in practice and the right guidance can help accelerate this learning curve. An experienced coach looks at the different roles in the team from a distance and can thus provide the group with targeted guidance. Through a combination of individual and collective coaching, an external partner will help achieve the desired result, a high-performing team, more quickly.

Learn from the best

A team is an unique group of people who function within a certain context. Members of a team learn the most from their peers. A Learning Center therefore explicitly focuses guiding each other in order to maximise growth. Rather than offering lengthy knowledge sessions full of scientific theories, our coaches focus on the working method within the team.

We bring fixed or multidisciplinary teams together in order to help them grow as a collective. A workgroup consists of no more than eight members and is assisted by a certified and experienced coach. The team can count on a mix of theory, self-reflection, individual coaching moments and group moments. All of this to help them discover how to cooperate with each other in the most efficient way.

Facilitating behavioural change

Coaching takes place in a safe setting where participants get to experiment with their behaviours. Practicing, mutual feedback and learning from each other are paramount. In order to facilitate behavioural change, our coaching are critical and clear. Feedback is always given in a substantiated and friendly manner. During the Learning Center, the team members get to know each other even better. This improves mutual trust and involvement.

The Learning Center in a nutshell

A growth track for teams always starts remotely by mapping the growth potential of the team members. The first day of the Learning Center commences with brief learning bites about high-performing teams, how to give feedback, team roles and cooperation. Next, the team works on a fictitious business case under time pressure. Our coaches observe the group dynamic and the team members’ behaviour. Who takes on which role and how does communication take shape? Are there any team members who fall silent or take charge? Does the team achieve the correct output?

The main coach will regularly stop the discussion to share their observations with the group. This session focuses on mutual feedback, challenging each other continuously and learning how to think in terms of roles. Then there are individual coaching moments where each participant zooms in on their group role and attitude during a 1-on-1 with a coach. In this session, the team member receives tips and tricks for maximising the effectiveness of their behaviour. On the second day, this feedback is put into practice during individual role plays where certain competencies are rehearsed. After two days of reflection, feedback and experimenting with new behaviour, the group as a whole and the individual participant have grown to a higher level. Learning Centers often end with a Personal Development Plan for each participant.

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