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In Belgium, the pharmaceutical industry, together with the biotechnology and medtech sectors, employs no fewer than 44,000 workers, or even 130,000 when including all indirect jobs. More than ever, the life sciences sector is a flourishing ecosystem at the cutting edge in our country. And it has many HR challenges. Hudson helps you meet them.

The importance of the Pharmaceutical Industry

As a driver of our economy as well as innovation more broadly (accounting for no fewer than 40% of all investments made in the private sector in R&D) in Belgium, our (bio)pharmaceutical sector is one of the European leaders in the area. This robust and innovative ecosystem thereby generates no less than 14% of R&D efforts on a European scale.

HR challenges within the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical, biotechnologies and medical devices sector has seen strong growth in our country for years, and at the same time, it is a constant challenge to attract and retain talent in this sector. The Covid-19 pandemic has only strengthened this pressure and the need to provide answers. This pressure can be felt at all levels and in all job categories: in R&D and in (pre-)clinical studies, of course, as well as in pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, production and quality not to mention the logistics, commercial and pharmaco-economic occupations downstream.

Our experience

The Hudson Healthcare team has developed solid expertise in this biopharmaceutical sector over ten years, which enables us to add direct value to our clients, whether they are small or large companies, to help them in their HR challenges.      

Recruiting for the pharmaceutical industry  

In recruitment and selection, we can therefore count on a very extensive network of relations formed over the years, on both a national and international scale, of consultants with in-depth knowledge of the sector who are often from this sector, and finally, unique tools developed by our own R&D team which help us approve recruitment decisions to guarantee long-term matching. Although we recruit for roles specific to the sector every day (pre-clinical and clinical trials to pharmacovigilance), we also assist our clients with generic roles (finance, IT, HR, legal, etc.) which play an in important part in the success of the organisations we work for.

Training & Retaining talent

Another sizeable challenge is retaining talent in the sector. For this, the aim is to assess each person's useful skills, identify those which need to be developed through training and/or coaching, and offer prospects to the talent in place so that they can face present and future challenges in their constantly changing roles under optimal conditions. Our assessment & development centres as well as our agility labs enable us to create a map of these skills which can above all be used for personal and professional development. In this context, our certified coaches can help your employees gain a better awareness of their potential and/or optimise it.

Reward Management & Hr Consultancy

Our salary studies and compensation & benefits advice also help you manage your employees’ careers better in a spirit of respect, listening to each other and development.

Finally, we also conduct broader strategic HR consulting assignments, in a context of both re-engineering and mergers and acquisitions.

How can we help?

In summary, Hudson Healthcare is positioned as a reliable and innovative partner for the life sciences industry in Belgium, serving both SMEs and multinationals or federations, with a broad scope of intervention covering the following disciplines:

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