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It is irrefutable… the life sciences ecosystem has the wind in its sails. Some 40,000 people work in this sector, and the unrelenting search for talent continues.

Our strong Belgian life sciences ecosystem combines the presence of large pharmaceutical companies with new disciplines pioneering personalised healthcare. The sector focuses on pioneering research, biotechnology investments, a huge variety of medicines, and innovation in medical devices. The life sciences industry constantly reinvents itself and is still rapidly developing. In this context, companies are constantly seeking out solutions to patient needs. They must also comply during this quest with strict regulations and identify market potential.

Such variety creates a need for talent with very specific skills and experience. Hudson Healthcare is a reliable partner for the life sciences industry in Belgium. It serves both SMEs and multinationals. Our specialised unit supports you in the search for experts that match your corporate identity.

Our Hudson consultants capitalise on their industry experience to provide a wide range of services. We seek out all types of employees who can take your company to new heights. Because pushing scientific boundaries means you must fill your ranks with the best scientific profiles. As well as the right experts in finance, data, operations, and so on.

Besides selection and recruitment, our consultants are ready to support you with:

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