Our Personality Questionnaires provide you with a detailed and objective overview of the personality traits that determine professional behaviour and performance.

A unique puzzle

We’re all different from one another. Our unique personalities largely determine how we cooperate with colleagues, tackle challenges, pursue goals, deal with setbacks or lead a team. Our character traits influence our professional behaviour as well as our integration within a particular company culture and our future work performance within a specific position.

Predicting performance and behaviour

It is difficult to gauge a person’s personality during an interview. But Hudson’s Personality Questionnaires are designed to do just that. Our Personality Questionnaires offer you a detailed and objective analysis of a potential employee’s personality traits that will determine his or her professional behaviour, commitment, performance and growth potential throughout the employee lifecycle.

Personality & science

Our Personality Questionnaires are scientifically substantiated and based on the Big Five  model. Starting from a series of statements, participants indicate their behavioural preferences in different situations. These statements are formulated such that they are always relevant within a professional environment and are designed to assess personality indicators. The indicated preferences are then compared with the answers of the norm group. This allows us to distil the different and unique personality dimensions of a candidate.

Personality mapping

Our Personality Questionnaires form the basis for our wide range of reports. We provide the facility to generate highly detailed reports intended for HR professionals who are trained in applying the Hudson methodology.  In addition, Hudson also offers more easily accessible reports, containing coaching tips and development advice. In this way, we offer the candidate an interesting and informative experience, which helps strengthen your brand and image.

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