Our Tests

Are you coming for an Assessment or Development Centre at Hudson? We will measure your competencies in different situations, using scientifically-based tests and exercises.

Every screening is different

The programme of an Assessment or Development Centre is always based on the competency profile that our consultants have compiled tailored to the client and/or the position. Therefore every Assessment or Development Centre varies. You will be confronted with some of the following exercises and tests, others not. 

Personality questionnaires

forecast professional conduct.

Motivation questionnaires

detect the motivators behind performance.

Simulation exercises

mimic realistic work scenarios.

Abstract reasoning tests

evaluate general intellectual potential.

Numerical reasoning tests

evaluate the processing of numerical information.

Verbal reasoning tests

evaluate the processing of verbal information.

E-tray exercises

electronic in-tray exercises.

Situational judgement tests

measure how you deal with daily challenges.

Multi-rater 360° feedback

from the various parties with whom you work.

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