Healthcare organisations have a very specific care need on the HR front. Recruiting and counselling the right talent is a matter of values, connection, and respect for the individual.

Hudson believes HR in the healthcare sector needs a soft touch. Our healthcare team feels strongly connected to care organisations and their culture. Which is why our team can perceptively identify an institution’s needs and build a harmonious collaboration while respecting its culture.

Our warm contact and mutual understanding are combined with our thorough knowledge of the healthcare landscape. We provide the full spectrum of HR support based on our understanding of care networks, care systems, and boards of directors.

Our HR services focus on healthcare profiles in the broadest sense of the word. Hudson Healthcare finds and develops standard healthcare profiles, such as nurses or cluster head nurses. And also directors that run organisations, such as a hospital, patient care facility, residential care home, or other care institutions.

Our specialists are also just as likely to match a non-standard healthcare profile, such as an IT specialist, finance manager, or operating theatre manager.

Hudson has an extensive database of healthcare profiles and interesting research insights. Our annual salary survey, the HR Barometer, which we conducted in collaboration with Vlerick Business School, and the Top Executives salary survey contain data to help shape the HR policy of a healthcare institution.

In addition to selecting and recruiting healthcare profiles, our consultants are ready to support you with:

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