Our motivation questionnaire helps you understand the factors that can motivate or demotivate existing or potential employees at work and find out which incentives can positively influence their professional performance.

Unique motives

Besides technical knowledge and experience, the level of motivation and engagement of your employees also plays a significant role in your company’s success. However, the professional motives that drive them are highly personal. Some find it important to be able to act as leaders. Others are happy if they can be of service to others. Some draw energy from undertaking projects independently, while others mainly want to expand their knowledge.

Therefore, as an organisation, it is important to have a proper understanding of the factors that motivate or demotivate existing or potential employees, to gain insight into what they need in order to perform at their best, and to assess whether there is a match with what your organisation or a specific position has to offer.

Incentives and development priorities

But the extent to which a person will respond to certain motivating factors is difficult to gauge during an interview. The Hudson’s Motivational Drives Questionnaire has been designed to do just that. Our motivation questionnaire not only offers you a concrete picture of what motivates someone, but also of the direction in which he or she wishes to develop, the possible barriers, and how you can improve someone’s level of motivation and sense of engagement with the organisation.

Motivation & science

Our motivation questionnaire is scientifically reliable and based on various motivation theories such as those developed by Maslow, Schein, McClelland & Herzberg, etc. For each question, the participants consider a number of statements which are relevant within a professional environment and which try to assess both internal and external motivational factors. The indicated preferences are then compared with the answers from the norm group. From this, we infer the specific combination of factors that influence a person’s performance and engagement at work.

Motivation mapping

The insights from our Motivational Drives Questionnaire can be displayed through various user-friendly reports:

  • Motivation report for experts: contains the detailed scores and is intended for HR experts who are familiar with the Hudson methodology.
  • Motivation report for coaches & participants: accessible report with coaching tips or development advice.

In this way, we offer the candidate an interesting and informative experience, which helps strengthen your brand and image.

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