Situational Insight

Our electronic assessment exercises provide an automatic and objective picture of the choices your employee or candidate makes in particular situations. And whether these match the position or your organisational values.

Simulating work situations

How do you know whether a potential employee will take certain actions that align with a job’s expected competencies or the values crucial to your organisation?

In this respect, an affinity for the job or professional context is an important factor. How will candidates or employees handle specific situations that may arise in their new job? So, how do you simulate this quickly and efficiently? Clearly, you cannot actually try out everyone ‘on the job’ or observe them in various situations.

Our e-assessments are the answer where practical and realistic work situations are presented using an online and user-friendly format. The participant indicates which one of the presented responses to the situations they find more or less appropriate or would prefer.

You can then objectively and automatically evaluate the candidate or employee on the actions they chose in these situations. This allows you to judge whether the individual knows what responses are appropriately in line with those expected in the job.

Measuring competencies or organisational values

The e-assessment provides more insight into the procedural understanding of competencies or values of the candidate or employee. In work situations, do they choose actions leading to a certain outcome – that serve as measurable role models for the competency – or the wrong outcome? Do they know what to do in certain situations? Take the ‘collaboration’ competence as an example. This assessment examines whether the candidate – in the situations presented – knows the importance of actively involving others, listening to team members, collecting input from others, and so on. And thus consistently chooses the actions that contribute accordingly.

The assessments also help increase employees’ awareness of the job and assess certain core values. It is a way to familiarise future employees – starting in the recruitment phase – with situations that may occur in the job and demonstrates values crucial to your organisation.

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