Reasoning Ability

Our reasoning tests provide insight into your employee’s or candidate’s cognitive ability and potential, which are closely linked to future work performance.

Objective mapping

The ability to reason is about the way we analyse, process and absorb information. We use our reasoning ability in the work environment on a daily basis, for example, when we perform tasks, solve problems or face unexpected or new situations. We see that the ability to reason is closely related to work performance, so it is important to be able to map this objectively.

Different reasoning tests

Depending on the type of information we process, we activate different brain cells. For example, an employee may be strong in analysing numbers but find it more difficult to make the right correlations based on textual information.

To measure reasoning ability in a targeted way, Hudson has developed different types of reasoning tests :

  • The Abstract Reasoning Ability test measures how someone deals with problems of an abstract nature, for which they cannot fall back on previous experience or knowledge. It is a good indicator of learning potential.
  • The Numerical Reasoning Ability test measure how someone deals with numerical information.
  • The Verbal Reasoning Ability test measures how someone deals with textual, written information.

We also offer reasoning tests that focus on specific skills, such as spatial awareness, planning skills, accuracy, or technical insight.

All tests use the same format, in which the participant is presented with a problem and has to indicate the correct answer via multiple choice.

Adapted to job level

Our generic reasoning tests  are available for   (from manual worker to senior manager), whereby not only the level of complexity but also the content of the questions is adapted to each specific job level. This enables your organisation to use the tests for a wide range of functions and ensures an optimal candidate experience.

High predictive value

Scientific research demonstrates clear links between the results of reasoning tests and actual job performance. As a single tool, reasoning tests are one of the best predictors of task-oriented performance at work. While the results of a reasoning test do not predict whether someone likes to do something or has the necessary technical knowledge or experience, they do show us what someone is cognitively capable of and whether they have the potential to learn.

Cognitive capacity

In order to correctly assess how capable someone is, their individual results on the reasoning tests are compared with a norm group. The report tells you not only how strong a person is in processing information, but also whether that person worked quickly and/or accurately. These additional insights give your interpretation more nuance and depth and allow you to identify possible development points in the (candidate) employee’s working style.

Various reports

We can offer you a wide range of detailed reports that are intended for HR experts who have been trained in the  . But we also have accessible reports that contain coaching tips and development advice. This way, the participant can enjoy an exciting experience, which will only strengthen your brand and image.

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